Triall is laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s digital playing field in clinical trials.

Blockchain technology has now been developed and extended to build Dapp, data storage and security applications in many industries. The application of Blockchain technology in the field of healthcare and public health is attracting a lot of attention.

The application of blockchain in healthcare has many benefits in improving the…

What is Futurov?

Futurov is a community owned multi-media entertainment aggregator and end-to-end NFT hub in V/AR. Futurov’s vision is to bring the entire crypto and legacy world’s offerings into one place, while also producing original motion pictures through our EU licensed partner

From live TV shows to financial education, from movies…


Hello Everyone !!! Blockchain projects are appearing more and more, we are facing opportunities to access the world’s leading technology. I believe in a short time Blockchain will appear in all areas of life. Blockchain possesses a very special feature that transmits data without requiring an intermediary to confirm…

I feel very happy to return to the shared content about Blockchain technology projects. And going back to today’s article I want to bring to everyone a project that has been around for a while and is focused on product development and improvement, and what’s special about this project is…

Oen Soem

I always believed that someday me and she would be back together. I’m miss her so much. ‘’ H ‘’

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