A community owned multi-media entertainment aggregator and end-to-end NFT hub in V/AR bringing th entire crypto and legacy world’s offering into one place.

Futurov is a community owned multi-media entertainment aggregator and end-to-end NFT hub in V/AR. Futurov’s vision is to bring the entire crypto and legacy world’s offerings into one place, while also producing original motion pictures through our EU licensed partner visual-vr.com.

From live TV shows to financial education, from movies and animations, Futurov offers a decentralized, non-profit & self sustainable entertainment ecosystem.

Currently, $FTV is bringing all of the world’s free and legally streamable TV as we slowly acquire license and rights through the help of our agents, Agenz LTD. The app was built purely for promotional purposes and in no way does Futurov charge or charge for any of our services or your data.

Along with the deflationary governance token $FTV, Futurov is designing an inflationary rewards token that automatically and trustlessly pays creators, distributors, and license holders. This will not only end up providing a pioneering solution to piracy, it is also a novel way of monetizing free markets without charging users and allowing them to remain as free and anonymous as they wish.

When rewards flip average Netflix/Prime subscription fees, $FTV will end up offering providers more revenue per connection then they are currently earning without any overheads meaning every producer or filmmaker would be wise to partner with $FTV in order to increase their revenues and avoid being stolen from by piracy.

Eventually everything could be on the Futurov d’app and imagine how much easier your life could be having everything in one place while still generating revenue for your favorite streaming providers, even if you don’t choose to spend any money. I believe Futurov is the future of streaming.

Futurov will consist of the below core services that will continue to grow:


Including worldwide feeds as well as localised & decentralised news channels. Live sports and PPV events of which some we aim to bring exclusively to Futurov. Live stream integrations with youtube, theta & LBRY are in the works & we have been granted access to the exclusive Vuulr & Allrites marketplaces. The world has begun to feel the weight of the crypto community and together we are the shadow elite of the new generation. best of all, we are mostly made up of conscious beings who came from humble roots, ready to use our new found wealth to make the changes we never thought were possible.

Originals — Apply now!

A collection of all the above funded by community released grants exclusive to the Futurov app. A first of its kind approach hoping to rival the amazing creations of Netflix and Amazon originals by giving our creators full freedom without fear of restriction along with the funding to secure the highest quality staff & equiptment in top-of-the range studios. In virtual reality and exclusive partnership with visual-vr.com a fully EU Licensed production powerhouse.

NFT launchpad, Marketplace and VR/AR showcaser — Launching Q3

A place for upcoming artists to launch their NFT Films and iconic brands to launch VR/AR collectables our users will be able to enjoy from their bedrooms. From children’s shows to steamy adult flicks, we want every scene in history to be an NFT you can re-live as if you were there, from the comfort of your head set. We will be seeking partnerships with this and every aspect of our offerings the community deems possible. All you need to do is drop a suggestion in the telegram group. We have already started approaching stars who have sold NFT’s in order to give their customers a surreal experience and bring their NFTs to life including exclusive rights such as meet and greets in VR / AR for NFT holders.

Gamefied defi / Learn & Earn games / Education Station — Launching Q3

A place where users can earn crypto for learning about finance, politics and crypto projects while playing games such as coinfarmer, an upcoming farming simulator village game under development by our team. Users will also have access to educational and training videos for real life professions with our partership with Agenz ltd and Hyr DAO as well as our plans to showcasing the best financial teachers, podcasters and YouTubers in the industry on our platform to help the masses understand this wonderful new world we are heading into.

Social media & p2p review network — BETA LIVE NOW

A dedicated place for movie lovers and digital memorabilia collectors to share, engage and connect! Directly on app under the videos being played and coming soon in VR/AR.

Avatar A.I collectables in augmented and virtual reality — Launching Q3

AI and Human powered life-like NFT’s of your favourite stars and a first of its kind channel dedicated solely to endless memes, meme news, trending memes, ultimate trolls and an exposé platform for the over-entitled to be instantly humbled. 0 ads, 24/7 + 365.

The Diamond Hands Annual Awards — Launching Q1 2022

Soon to be, the only legitimate and fairly selected awards ceremony in the world with all votes cast on blockchain giving the award winners the purest of rewards. The annual awards will be hosted in VR meaning ticket numbers are technically limitless. Awards will range from NFT’s to motion pictures and beyond. We will be rewarding cinematic, philanthropic & vital activities in the film & social media world.

The Team

Futurov is run by a fully doxxed and experienced team.

Malik Jan

Malik’s Profile — LinkedIn

Founder of Agenz LTD, a UK registered and FCA regulated agency (12904103) and Hyr DAO, an end to end staffing solution being built on-chain.

Malik will be bringing his expertise in business to the team — having settled millions per year in contracts and employed thousands of people over the years as well as bridging Futurov to enterprise worlds.

As a DAO with no legacy ownership structure, Futurov would not be able to achieve what they want as quickly without a bridge to the legacy world.

Mike Hales

Mike’s Profile — Instagram

Professional MMA fighter, Model and Stunt Actor who was likely seen by the entire world after the England match at the last World Cup where he fought live on ITV4. Mike is one of the heaviest hitters around and a highly touted talent sponsored by www.rapzuk.com , www.ngnesports.com , www.badrsport.com as well as Futurov.

Mike will be driving $FTV’s reach in the MMA, fighting and extreme sport divisions. FTV will be getting backstage access as we document his rise to UFC.

Indi-Jay Cammish

Indi’s Profile — Twitter

Indi is a key brand ambassador, communications lead representative at all major crypto events. Not only that, Indi is also a world leading, signed professional dancer from the UK who has a jaw-dropping background filled with glitter and glamour.

You may have seen Indi on your TV working directly with the likes of Mabel, Littlemix, Raksu, Janezhang, Krystalroxx while also seen on The Brits, The X Factor, The Royal Variety Performance & so much more.

Indi is also as dedicated crypto enthusiast, researcher, and investor who’s working with a number of projects in the crypto space.

Here’s a sample of Indi’s dance moves.

Meet the rest of the Futurov team through the website:


The App

The Futurov App is live and you can enjoy streaming your favorite shows through https://app.futurov.tv/

You can also download the FTV mobile app on Google Play.

Download the app here.

This amazing Futurov trailer can also be found on their website — https://www.futurov.com

Social Links

App: https://app.futurov.tv/

Website: https://www.futurov.com

Telegram: https://t.me/Futurov

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Futurov_


Bitcointalk Username: SoemOen
BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2737315
BSC Wallet Address: 0x8d7aFCF5fc9e9F54996991911C1246b682e66940



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