Bakery Bunny: A new and quickly thriving DeFi yield aggregator that is utilized for BakerySwap

Bakery Bunny

What else can this decentralized financial revolution bring? It’s impossible to see what new applications may spring up in the future built on these current components. Nevertheless, trustless liquidity protocols and other DeFi products are certainly at the cutting edge of finance, cryptoeconomics, and computer science. Undoubtedly, DeFi money markets can help create a more open and accessible financial system available for anyone with an Internet connection.

Yield farming, also referred to as liquidity mining, is a way to generate rewards with cryptocurrency holdings. In simple terms, it means locking up cryptocurrencies and getting rewards. Yield farmers will typically move their funds around quite a lot between different protocols in search of high yields. As a result, DeFi platforms may also provide other economic incentives to attract more capital to their platform. Just like on centralized exchanges, liquidity tends to attract more liquidity.

Bakery Bunny is a new and quickly thriving DeFi yield aggregator that is
utilized for BakerySwap. The BakeryBunny protocol empowers crypto
farmers to leverage their yield-seeking inclinations to optimize yield
compounding technique on BSC. Bakery Bunny are giving techniques for the
several needs of crypto farmers from the highest yield seekers to the
risk reward optimizing smart investors.

Their farm has been developed for individuals via smart contracts to
automatically compound and reinvest yields on behalf of individuals. Making a compounding on BakerySwap is difficult to know the optimal
frequency and timing of when to compound and reinvest your yields.
BakeBunny does all of this for you plus saves you gas fees.

BakeBunny LP Farms takes different risk tolerances for BakeBunny users. An increased APY usually implies more volatility in the underlying token price. For instance, BUSD-BNB has a much lower compounded APY than BAKE-BNB, since BUSD is a stable coin which is pegged to the dollar and does not experience volatility.

The blockchain risk would be the decrease of financial value of assets deposited, be it in BNB, BAKE, etc. For instance, BNB could be $400 when you deposit and $350 when you withdraw which implies idiosyncratic risk.

How to Assume a Daily % Gains from BakeBunny Farm? The APY is calculated via compounded (exponential growth), it cannot be calculated in a linear manner (i.e. APY/365). The more you hold your tokens in our farms for a long period of time, the more your assets will continue to grow exponentially.

Bake or the LP tokens are all used from BakerySwap, we automatically compound yields via BakerySwap.

Where does BakeBunny come from? BakeBunny is minted via our project’s smart contracts. When the user/investor executes a Claim on their profits in a given Pool, they receive 70% of the profit’s value in the respective autocompounded farm token, and receive 30% of the profit’s value in BakeBunny. The 30% worth of profit is calculated in $ equivalent of BNB, and for every 1 BNB the user gets 20 BakeBunny.

The swap percentage is an analysis based on the swap fee that liquidity providers earn whenever someone swaps pair. These rewards go to the LP token itself, resulting in its value to increase, which in roll results in
your percentage to increase. The displayed percentage rate is obtained via the BakerySwap API.

What is the BakeBunny Fee Structure?
Withdrawal Fee: BakeBunny have fixed a 0.4% withdrawal fee from our Farms for only a Withdrawal that happens within 48 hours of deposit. BakeBunny structured this fee to maintain the smooth flow of the ecosystem and to stave off
possible exploitation from individuals acting under bad faith. For instance, if there was no 0.4% withdrawal fee within the 48 hours, someone could keep depositing right before the compounding takes place and withdraw right after and however reap the same advantages and continuous long-term holders.
Performance Fee: When you choose to Claim profits from a pool, a 30% performance fee is collected to reward BakeBunny stake holders. In return, all pools arerewarded with BakeBunny tokens. For every 1 BNB in fees collected, 20 BakeBunny is rewarded.

BakeBunny Token is our native governance token. BakeBunny holders/investors govern our ecosystem and receive the high percentage of farm performance fee profits. When holding/staking BakeBunny token, it ensures the BakeBunny Ecosystem runs smoothly.


Quarter 1,

Febuary 2021
Team Formed
Idea & Researches
March — May 2021
Bakery Bunny Development
Bakery Bunny Legal Setup
June 2021
Deployed BakeBunny Smart Contract Address
Website launched
Community building (Airdrop & Bounty)
CrowdFunding Started
Instant Token distribution to all Investors/Buyers
July 5th 2021
Token Listed & Locked liquidity on BakerySwap & Pancakeswap
BakeryBunny Pools Launch
September 2021
Marketing & Partnership
Single Asset Vault Launch
Cross Chain Farming v1.0 Launch
December 2021
Arbitrage Between BSC and ETH Pools Launch

Quarter 2, 2022

Investment Dashboard Launch

Quarter 3, 2022

Mobile App for Android & IOS

In general, this is not a new problem, but there are not many projects that are really serious about this field. Through BakeryBunny I hope the project will bring more good things than the initial expectation, to me BSC is really showing its strength and position in this market and developing in the right direction is also very important as field in capacity I think it would be appropriate for a new project to receive success.


Bitcointalk Username: SoemOen
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=2737315
BSC Wallet Address: 0xc06e5a8dc34114742c4b7c90a98eda643eace24b

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