NFD offers yeld farming, staking more secure and more flexible by protecting your wallet.

Cryptocurrency is an unregulated digital currency and is only available in electronic form. It can only be stored and traded through designated computer or software applications, mobile apps, or through a dedicated digital wallet. Transactions that happen on the internet are through dedicated and secure networks. Virtual currencies are considered a subset of the digital currency conglomerate, which also includes cryptocurrencies that exist in the blockchain network. In the future, one can trade home ownership as easily as sending money from one person to another. Many entities will need to own cryptocurrencies to take advantage of what Blockchain technology offers.

And securing and managing these crypto assets can be quite difficult, with mistakes often becoming terminal. Today tools available on the market designed for technically savvy individuals or developers, companies and businesses are still quite difficult to manage their cryptocurrencies effectively and safe. Non-Fungible Defi has since added an interface layer to make blockchain technology more accessible, helping companies manage crypto files efficiently and becoming the only product companies need to run operations. electronic money movement. And in this article I will introduce you to the details of Non-Fungible Defi.

Non-Fungible Defi (NFD) token technology that aims to be an independent. The platform aggregates numerous protocols. For instance, when users deposit, the platform will automatically allocate user funds to the recent consensus with the highest revenue, and provide users an inscription In order to verify the ownership and incomes of Non-fungible defi ( NFD ) token. The platform enable users to withdraw their initial deposited tokens and income via NFD Token which can also be exchange to any cryptocurrency.

In their view, existing platforms that claim to enable artists to authenticate their artwork, attach copyright to its NFT, and sell both, are severely deficient when it comes to striving for adherence to both international copyright and securities law, which will make it hard for those who claim to have obtained copyright in a work from these platforms to enforce it within jurisdictions throughout the world.

NFT Games: NFD games allow users to enjoy seamlessly high graphic gaming along with high potential to earn Tokens and rare NFT’s as rewards. The token rewards are distributed when a player reaches a certain milestone whereas, custom built highly rare NFT’s will be rewarded to the top player of each month.
NFD Marketplace: NFD marketplace is the most viable and unbiased marketplace to buy and sell high valued rare NFT’s openly by paying the lowest fees in the market. The marketplace also allows users to host auctions for certain NFT’s with immense value with 100% transparency.
NFD Farming/Staking: Our best in class Yield farm pools and staking pools designed to provide dividends with cutting edge technology provide Triple Digit farm APY’s as well as easy to use UI makes it super easy to earn NFD whilst being a holder.
NFD DEX: It is a decentralized Exchange built to compete with big monopoly players like Pancakeswap and Julswap by owering the trading fees per swap transaction. Where big DEX’s charge 0.5–1% fee per transaction , NFD DEX will charge only 0.2% fee. NFD DEX will also maintain the lowest slippages by using Binance Order book API thereby making it revolutionary.
NFD Wallet: The highest Security wallet coded with specific oracles and interactive UI where users can easily hold and store their NFD tokens as well as other BEP20 tokens and also transfer to others from the wallet itself.

NFD Token is a governance token of the Non-Fungible Defi project. The token will be used to gain full access to all Non-Fungible Defi products.

Token Chain: BEP-20
Total Supply: 50k NFD


Quarter 1
Project planning
Binance Smart Chain
Website Launch
Whitepaper launch
Token Launch
Airdrop Launch
Quarter 2
Audit Complete
Private sale & IEO Launch
Bkex/Lbank Listing Announcement
Partnership Announcement
Quarter 3
Kucoin or MXC Listing
Unirocket Channel Launch
Binance Rocket Channel Launch
Coingecko Listing
CMC Listing
Staking/Farming Website Launch
Quarter 4
NFT Game Launch
Own Crypto Wallet Launch



With project integration plan NFT in BSC based on the ecosystem thus making NFT transactions easier and affordable for every token holder. Effectively implemented business model how holders of governance tokens $NFD can leverage all products, platforms and NFT seamlessly developed by the team thus making the $NFD ecosystem most viable and convenient. I think the project will provide financial services products such as DApps and wallets as well as NFT’s in a single place called ‘NFD Ecosystem’.


Bitcointalk Username: SoemOen
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=2737315
BSC Wallet Address: 0xc06e5a8dc34114742c4b7c90a98eda643eace24b

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