Paysenger: Disrupting the Communication Industry With its EGO Solution

We all see how quickly our world is changing right now, especially in the financial sector. The situation in the world shows that fiat money has almost become obsolete and the world needs a solution. One such solution is cryptocurrencies. It is worth noting that for several years now, cryptocurrencies have been helping many people, as well as industries, to get new better solutions that bring profit and success to their users. Now many want to become holders of promising cryptocurrencies, as they can help you stay in this life and get more success. Today I want to tell you about EGO i coin and try to answer you why EGO is the cryptocurrency?

About EGO

Productivity is an asset that’s increasing in value, and the obvious reason for it is the increasingly distracting digital realm. People are so used to technologies that they fail to realize how they chip away at productivity. Every day, we are consistently bombarded with information from various sources. There is a never-ending list of ads, videos, promos, suggestions, or news clips we encounter daily, all competing for our attention. Without a doubt, it is clear that human attention is a valuable asset in the current digital age. With so much data out there, we require a filter for our attention that eliminates unimportant data while preserving critical information and promoting productive interactions.

Paysenger is a service that monetizes communication. Paysenger creates a new way of communication in a world with the fastest growing relations and unchanged attention span. It’s important to note that EGO is not positioned as the main attribute of the project and is not promoted as a token with some special uniqueness, as others do. It is positioned as a convenient financial tool and supported accordingly. It is primarily secured by real customers. In particular, it is the customers who are interested in paid communications, learning how NTF works, so they get involved in the project’s ecosystem.

The EGO token is an internal medium of exchange used by Paysenger. While other ways will be available to users, EGO, as a specially designed tool, will provide several advantages:

  • Minimum fees when making payments with EGO;
  • Easy exchange for fiat right on the platform;
  • Can be used for receiving NFT minting commission;
  • Total market cap at IDO — $100 million.

The users will have opportunities to use fiat money and other payment options but we will encourage them to prefer the EGO token. In other words, EGO is a part of the Paysenger ecosystem; it was created not for fun (as many other) but for a special purpose and therefore has high growth potential.

The Web App

The Paysenger web app recently went live and has already amassed over 100,000 users. The project managed to raise an impressive $2 million during its strategic and seed round and has built a solid team of 85 professionals from various fields of expertise, all working to improve the product, launch the mobile app, and draw in new users.

The project aims to establish a collaborative environment where everyone can monetize their attention and communicate efficiently with whoever they desire, with Paysenger’s EGO serving as the digital representation of human attention.

EGO Tokenomics

To understand the supply and demand characteristics of the EGO token it makes sense to consider some financial figures:

Ticker: EGO

Platform: Binance Chain

Available for sale: 35,000,000 EGO

Schedule of the enrolment of tokens into circulation

Token distribution


The platform’s offering of seamless communication with influencers, celebs, or experts is aimed at attracting millions of internet users and fans who wish to communicate directly with their favorite celebrities and create unique ad avenues for businesses. The simplicity of Paysenger’s communication solution focuses on democratizing blockchain technology and expanding its access to a larger audience.

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