Prasaga: DataGrid Blockchain with XBOM Decentalized GlobalOS.

In recent years, decentralized finance (DeFi) has exploded from a mere experiment into a multibillion-dollar industry with a wide range of applications for savings, investments, derivatives, options and insurance. Total Locked Value (TVL), the key metric measuring the amount of capital locked up in DeFi, has grown more than 20 times to reach $14 billion by the end of 2020, and it feels like this is just the beginning. So without further ado, let’s get straight into some of the trends that are likely to drive DeFi in the coming year. While there is still a lot of uncertainty for DeFi towards 2021, it is clear that DeFi is still here. There may be new protocols, new regulations, new tokens, but DeFi as a concept has built a strong enough foothold to withstand future headwinds. Currently, DeFi has been confined primarily to a core group of blockchain fans, but the next milestone will be mainstream adoption in 2021 and beyond as DeFi increasingly incorporates more and more the traditional fintech world. With some blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, too many projects are built on top of it, resulting in limitations in the handling of transaction speed and user accessibility. These shortcomings in data processing speed require a new technology solution that integrates blockchain features while optimizing features to increase processing speed and protect data for projects and models business when wanting to develop on a blockchain platform. Prasaga was born with the mission of solving problems of data exchange and speeding up blockchain technology.


By targeting device manufacturers, there will be an opportunity to integrate with Prasaga as part of the manufacturing process. That way, Smart IoT devices can be supported by Prasaga, making it simple for device owners to start leveraging their data. With the system integration tool, Systems Integrators will drive the initial Prasaga adoption because they have access to device manufacturers, device owners, and companies using IoT Smart devices. Along with that, it will accelerate the process of combining with AI and Machine Learning (ML) companies to train Prasaga’s algorithms. These algorithms are only smart when the data they are provided for, so reliable real-time data available on the DGB will help drive greater innovation. And any company with a Smart IoT device can leverage Prasaga for anonymity and real-time data exchange without traditional IoT-related security risks. With data brokers, as more IoT Smart devices are connected, data brokers will be able to purchase data streams from devices owned by companies and people, repackaging , then sell them to consumer data.

What is Prasaga?

Prasaga is a new root chain coin development and project. It’s the next step up in blockchain with features that can break existing barriers and the data warehouses the business model creates and open up global access. The project aims to a future where data will help improve people’s quality of life, democratic, secure and private.

Project objectives:

The DGB is designed for the general purposes of blockchain that encompass cryptocurrencies and business relationship models from simple to complex and globally scalable. However, the DGB is not a smart contract executed on top of any other existing blockchain technology.


The solution above is enabled by XBOM on Blockchain.
The eXtensible Block Object Model enables anyone in the supply chain to digitally characterize their product hierarchy, quality criteria and test results into a single collection of immutable, digital objects, which reside on a global Blockchain. The model will accurately and unequivocally define the ancestry and inheritance of each component in the vehicle. Every account on the Blockchain holds a valid and verifiable digital certificate for the items they produce allowing for immutable and autonomous audits to be performed. All of this operates currently on the Hyper-Ledger Fabric, ‘the’ supply chain backhaul for the digital era, enabling a smart and connected set of suppliers and consumers, globally, in a standardized model of connectivity that today is near impossible.

Their consensus model supports a parallel chain model for scalability.
To accomplish this we use a combination of a super majority validation with a modified RAFT protocol, coupled with a per-chain proof-of-work, which is then distributed among the chains to provide long term security.

Prasaga have already begun our outreach to HyperLedger developers and recently showcased our technology in a large India event. Prasaga will be at many international events like HongKong Blockchain Week, but their true strategy is to build up our DataGrid Collaborative. Prasaga have built an entire organization around partnerships and the need to engage, educate and support developers. The DataGrid Collaborative is just that a way to engage partners from global enterprises to local blockchain incubators and miners, developers and token holders.


So adopting a real blockchain design solves the scaling problems. Prasaga has announced the launch of XBOM on HyperLedger, Prasaga will soon have HyperLedger specific announcements. Prasaga will also update DeFi’s list and how to participate in farming and zoning methods. Prasaga will formally announce the partnership with The DataGrid Collaborative and open new Regional Laboratories. Hopefully the above article will provide people with valuable information related to Prasaga.

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