Review Tapmydata: Take Back Your Data.

I feel very happy to return to the shared content about Blockchain technology projects. And going back to today’s article I want to bring to everyone a project that has been around for a while and is focused on product development and improvement, and what’s special about this project is the problem. which we will cover a lot in this article. And that project is Tapmydata.


The Tap app gives individuals one place to secure and manage their personal data. Individuals are able to search for an organisation of their choice and send a data request to see what data that organisation holds about them, who they share that data with and what they do with that data. You will see this data request officially called a subject access request, or SAR. And powered by end-to-end-encryption and blockchain technology Tap helps empower the individual to take control of their data, and builds a personal data store for them to manage this. At the same time, the Tap platform helps organisations communicate and respond directly to their customers; de-risking and managing the data that they hold.

‘ The Tap app provides a new found empowerment for individuals. To allow them to start a conversation with an organisation from a secure, single place and allow them to take control of their data. An inbuilt cryptocurrency token, or TAP token, rewards individuals for taking those steps.’

And I see that in the future, we will see a fair data economy where everyone is empowered from their personal data. A future where everyone has more control over their data and is rewarded by this new empowerment. A future where organizations can foster more trustworthy and meaningful relationships with their customers and Tapmydata will help us do this.

TAP Token

TAP is Tapmydata’s native protocol token and is issued by TAP Protocol Ltd.

Token Name: Tapmydata
Token Ticker: TAP
Token Type: ERC20
Initial Supply: 100,000,000
Maximum Supply: 100,000,000

Tapmydata identify psychological ownership dimensions as particularly important. Today digital service companies mainly promote people’s engagement online such as their visits and the time spent on a company’s sites. Tapmydata value theory is that companies should dig deeper into how people actually construct their digital identities, what makes people feel efficacious and identify with their data.

TAP Protocol

The TAP Protocol consists of many different technology elements that are detailed in this section. Some of this technology is pre-existing code Tapmydata have developed and some of it future looking which can be explored more in our roadmap. The following shows an overview of the TAP Protocol, the actors and the data and value exchange within.


Tapmydata roadmap is subject to change but the following is a current snapshot of our high level journey so far and things we are working on now and in the future. It should be noted this roadmap is at a high level and general improvements and new features will always be ongoing driven by user demand.

H2 2018

Pre-launch identity & mission creation

Design of network components

Creation of stellar token

H1 2019

Activate team & advisors

Launch Tapmydata MVP mobile app (Apple & Android)

Launch website and awareness-building

H2 2019

Full release of App & secure admin portal

Focus on education, UX & user growth

Angel fundraising round

H1 2020

5 app updates released based on user input

Portal enhancements & full API

Partnerships with Outlier Ventures, DataSwift, Espyder

H2 2020

First paid trials and commercial sales

ID verification functionality launched

Auto breach notification for mobile app

H1 2021

Launch Tapmydata for the web, browser plugins

Migration to ethereum network

Partnerships with decentralised data marketplaces Streamr, Ocean

H2 2021

Build NFT minting capabilities

Enhanced verification and KYC for crypto

Integrate public data sources



Obviously Tapmydata is very promising in the future because of what they are doing, I see here the problem from the beginning that the project wants to build and develop is very clear and moreover this problem is also. Many factors are important in life if it is used correctly because that is the goal that the project is also aiming for. Overall this is a quality project with all the elements to make this project a success, I think Tapmydata’s popularity will soon emerge in this market. And finally thank you everyone who followed my article.

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